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A vacation destination like nowhere else on Earth, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex brings to life the epic story of the U.S. space program.

The attraction offers a full day or more of awe and excitement for the whole family, from young children to space enthusiasts. More interactive than a museum, more inspirational than a science center, and more authentic and educational than a theme park, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers a mix of thrilling simulators, breathtaking attractions, behind-the-scenes tours, interactive exhibits, larger-than-life 3D space films, rocket launch viewing opportunities and more.
Unforgettable experiences include Space Shuttle Atlantis, featuring Shuttle Launch Experience®; the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Bus Tour featuring the Apollo/Saturn V Center with an actual Saturn V moon rocket; 3D space films including “IMAX® Astronaut Hunters” and “Journey To Space 3D”; Astronaut Encounter featuring a veteran NASA astronaut daily; Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted; the Rocket Garden and many other interactive exhibits. To see and do it all, plan on spending more than one day!

The epicenter of mankind’s greatest adventures – past and future – Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is located just 45 minutes east of Orlando International Airport and is operated for NASA by Delaware North. Kennedy  Space  Center  Visitor  Complex  opens  daily  at  9a.m.,  365  days  a  year;  closing  time  varies  per season.

Included in the cost of standard admission:

  • The   Space   Shuttle   Atlantis - attraction and Shuttle Launch Experience®
  • The   Kennedy   Space   Center   (KSC)   Bus   Tour featuring the Apollo/Saturn V Center
  • Two thrilling 3D space films, Journey to Space & Asteroid Hunters ”
  • Live presentations including Astronaut Encounter,  Journey  To  Mars:  Explorers  Wanted live  show  and  exhibit,  and  the  Mission  Status Briefing
  • The Rocket Garden, Astronaut  Memorial  and Children’s Play Dome *Please note, Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station are working space launch facilities. Tours may be altered or closed due to operational requirements.

See below other other amazing experiences that are available at Kenedy Space Center!


Starting 6th February 2018 ATX® has a completely new program that provides guests with the opportunity to train as astronauts of the next generation of space explorers by participating on simulators such as the Land-and-Drive-on-Mars full-motion simulator, the Walk-on-Mars virtual reality simulator, and the Micro-Gravity Floor simulator. Participants perform two spacecraft launch mission simulations using our full-scale Orion-style capsule and authentic Mission Control Center. They receive briefings about living and working in space and on Mars. Teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills are developed as participants take turns in the Training Control Center, guiding one another through a series of challenges. After the program, they receive an electronic report detailing their achievements along with a video log they recorded during the day.

Also new for 2018 is Mars Base 1, a new program that provides guests with the opportunity to train as astronauts of the next generation of space explorers by visiting and working in a fully immersive simulation of a prototype Mars Base. Teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills are developed as participants assist one another through a series of challenges. After riding in an elevator to the top of the launch tower, they board their spacecraft for the journey to Mars, during which they are briefed on their mission, the history of the Mars program, and what to expect when they arrive on the Red Planet. They experience a Mars landing and are driven to the base, where they are guided to the first of their three duty stations. All MB1 participants spend one shift in the Mars Operations Center, where they work as a team to keep MB1 and its outposts fully functional during any emergencies that arise. In the Engineering Lab, they design and test a program that allows a team of robots to efficiently clear debris from a photovoltaic panel, restoring maximum solar power to the base. They also partner with scientists working on NASA’s Veggie project by planting, harvesting, and analyzing vegetables as they gather data in a series of controlled experiments taking place in our Plant Lab.



To take a virtual tour of the Atlantis and Kennedy Space Center, please click here.


Lunch With An Astronaut
Hear from a veteran NASA astronaut about what it’s really like to launch, live and work in space as you enjoy a delicious buffet lunch. See photos and vide os from the astronaut’s missions, ask questions and snap a photo with your new astronaut friend.
Tickets for this experience must be purchased in addition to admission to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Space is limited and this experience often sells out; be sure to reserve your seat in advance!

Rocket Garden Cafe
Enjoy breakfast or lunch overlooking the Rocket Garden – a panorama of Redstone, Atlas and Titan rockets like those that first put NASA Astronauts in space.
Orbit Cafe
Faster and fresher is the motto in the newly remode led Orbit Cafe, where the lettuces and herbs in the salads are grown hydroponically in towers right before your eyes. The Orbit Cafe is conveniently located across from The Space Shop and IMAX® Theater.

Moon Rock Cafe 
Located at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, the Moon Rock Cafe is your go-to dining spot during the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour. 
Space Dots®
A visit to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex isn’t complete without a cool taste of the “ice cream of the future.” Look for Space Dots in various locations, including outside the Astronaut Encounter Theater and outside Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Rocket Fuel Food Truck
Start or finish your day with a hot coffee, soft drink or bottled water, as well as a wide selection of to-go and snack items at the Rocket Fuel Food Truck located outside the entrance to the Visitor Complex.

Milky Way

Take a break and cool down with soft drinks and an assortment of ice cream treats near the Astronaut Encounter Theater entrance.

The Space Shop
The Space Shop, the world’s largest store for space -related memorabilia, offers thousands of items to help you remember your adventure. Browse a wide ran ge of shirts, hats and other apparel; educational toys for all ages; collectibles such as patches, coins and models; posters, books and DVDs; kitchenware and mugs; key chains, pens and gifts; and much more.

Shuttle Express Gifts
Located inside the Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction, Shuttle Express features a wide array of shuttle and space-related gifts and souvenirs displayed amid artwork by children and teens depicting their visions for the future of spaceflight.

The Right Stuff
Shop for souvenirs and memorabilia in the shadow of the giant Saturn V moon rocket. The Right Stuff is located at the Apollo/Saturn V Center and is accessible only via the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour. 

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, drop by Information, located just before the turnstiles at the entrance. Crewmembers here can provide you with credentials for KSC Up-Close Tours; guides or park maps for guests with disabilities or for those who speak foreign languages; a daily schedule of astronaut appearances, Mission Status Briefings and 3D space films and assist you in renting and/or
picking up an audio guide, electric scooter, wheelchair or stroller.

Kennedy Space Center is a working spaceflight facility. In compliance with NASA safety regulations and for the safety of our guests, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex maintains the following security policies. Please note, due to security measures, you may experience a slight delay. The Visitor Complex has magnetometers similar to an airport. Please be prepared to have your personal items inspected. Security will be checking every person via metal detectors and opening every bag, so please expect delays. Please carefully review the security policy: 

The following items are not permitted on property: Hard-side coolers (soft-sided coolers are permitted), luggage or other large bags, fire arms
of any type (with or without a permit), ammunition (live or spent), pepper/mace sprays, knives, box cutters or like items, daggers and simi
lar edged weapons. laser pointers, large beach-type umbrellas, on-property cooking or grilling items, any other sharp/pointed
items (including pointed scissors) are not permitted.

Blankets and collapsible camping/umbrella-style folding chairs that are carried in shoulder bags are permitted. Please leave any unnecessary articles secured within your vehicle to expedite your entry into the park.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is not responsible for fire, theft, damage or loss of vehicle including articles left within.

First Aid
A nurse is on duty at our First Aid station during Visitor Complex operating hours. First Aid is located near the boarding area for the Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour; please see location on the map.

Services for Guests with Disabilities
At Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, we are committed to providing access throughout our facilities to individuals with disabilities. We offer many ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) services to help make your visit an enjoyable experience, including accessible parking and rental equipment, wheelchair-friendly buses, closed captioning, audio guides and more.

Transportation is wheelchair accessible. Please call 48 hours in advance to confirm your place and ensure correct transportation is provided.

Portable audio guides are available for guest rental, providing an excellent way to learn more about each attraction at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Audio guides are available in English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano, Portuguese, Espanol, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese for a nominal rental fee. Complimentary audio guides are available to guests with low vision. Devices may be rented at the Ticket Plaza or at Information.  



Enjoy a full day’s admission to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, PLUS experience the Central Florida Everglades during an exciting airboat ride!

Take the Kennedy Space Center NASA Bus Tour with stops at the Observation Gantry to see launch pads and the Saturn V Center exhibit area.

Enjoy unlimited access to the Visitor’s Complex exhibits, including IMAX Space Films, Rocket Garden, Robot Scouts, Universe Theatre, Astronaut Encounter, Exploration in the New Millennium, Early Space Exploration, and Nature and Technology.

This ticket also includes a 30min airboat ride at Lone Cabbage on St. Johns River.

Discover the beauty of the Central Florida Everglades with their exotic plants and wildlife, and watch out for the main inhabitant of the swamps.... the famous Florida Alligator!

  • Availability: This tour is available every Monday and Thursday.
  • Transfers: Roundtrip transportation is provided from the Orlando area
  • Departure and Return Times:
  • Depart Orlando at approx: 8.30am. Arrive at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex at approx 9:30am.
  • Depart Kennedy Space Center at approx. 4pm to go on the Airboat Ride.
  • Please Note: The schedule is subject to change.
  • Duration: Please allow a full day for this trip, including approx. 2 hours in total for the airboat ride.
  • What to Bring: Mosquito spray is recommended for summer-time in the swamps.

NOW WITH EITHER A FREE ASTRONAUT MEET & GREET EXPERIENCE OR FREE SPACE SHUTTLE ATLANTIS ORIENTATION TOUR! Upon arrival at the Kennedy Space Center, your tour escort will accompany you into the visitor center complex, and take you into the Astronaut Encounter theatre. Once there you will receive a short video presentation followed by a welcome meet and greet by an ASTRONAUT! The Astronaut will welcome you to the Kennedy Space Center and give some hints and tips to ensure you enjoy your day. (Please note, if for any reason the Meet & Greet cannot be provided the Atlantis Orientation Tour will be provided FOC instead. Astronaut Meet & Greet usually takes place on a Wednesday & Saturday only.)

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