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The New Jersey Devils are a professional ice hockey team based in Newark, New Jersey. They are members of the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League.

Now is your chance to see a true American Ice Hockey Game and what better place to see this than in New York?

The New Jersey Devils play at The Prudential Center and now is your chance to see them perform there.

Please note that the amount of tickets we can offer is very minimal, so please book your ticket now before it is sold out.

Games are as follows for the 2016/ 201 season, so please take your pick:

  • December 6th: 7pm - vs. Vancouver Canucks.
  • December 9th: 7:30pm - vs. St. Louis Blues.
  • December 20th: 7pm - vs. Nashville Predators.
  • December 22nd: 7pm - vs. Philadelphia Flyers.
  • December 27th: 7pm - vs. Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • December 31st: 1pm - vs. Washington Capitals.
  • January 2nd: 7pm - vs. Boston Bruins.
  • January 6th: 7:30pm - vs. Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • January 7th: 7pm - vs. Edmonton Oilers.
  • January 9th: 7pm - vs. Florida Panthers.
  • January 20th: 7:30pm - vs. Montreal Canadians.
  • January 24th: 7pm - vs. Los Angeles Kings.
  • January 26th: 7pm - vs. Washington Capitals.
  • February 3rd: 7:30pm - vs. Calgary Flames.
  • February 6th: 7pm - vs. Buffalo Sabres.
  • February 12th: 12:30pm - vs. San Jose Sharks.
  • February 14th: 7pm - vs. Colorado Avalanche.
  • February 16th: 7pm - vs. Ottawa Senators.
  • February 18th: 7pm - vs. New York Islanders.
  • February 21st: 7pm - vs. Ottawa Senators.
  • February 27th: 7pm - vs. Montreal Canadians.
  • March 5th: 5pm - vs. Columbus Blue Jackets.
  • March 14th: 7pm - vs. Winnipeg Jets.
  • March 16th: 7pm - vs. Philadelphia Flyers.
  • March 19th: 1pm - vs. Columbus Hurricanes.
  • March 25th: 7pm - vs. Carolina Hurricanes.
  • March 26th: 5pm - vs. Dallas Stars.
  • April 4th: 7pm - vs. Philadelphia Flyers.
  • April 6th: 7pm - vs. Pittsburgh Penguins.
  • April 8th: 6pm - vs. New York Islanders.

SEATING: All seats are in the 100's section only. Specifically sections 108 - 115 or 125 - 134.

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Please note to ensure we can offer you tickets for your desired game, the prices include Broker Fees which are beyond our control.

All sports ticket bookings are non-refundable once booked - 100% cancellation charges apply.

  • Your vouchers need to be redeemed for match tickets at the concierge desk of the Westin Times Square Hotel located at 270 West 43rd Street, New York.
  • Redemptions can be made 7 days a week and please ensure you redeem your voucher at least one day before the game.
  • The New Jersey Devils’ games are held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey at 25 Lafayette St, Newark, NJ 07102 (at the corner of 165 Mulberry Street.)
  • The Arena opens 2 hours in advance of the game.
  • Availability is very limited.
  • All ticket bookings are 100% non refundable once booked.
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