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New For 2016! Look out for special new-look Jellyfish and Seahorse exhibitions. Always at the vanguard of marine conservation endeavours, Brighton Sea Life now hosts the first ever ‘Conservation Cove’ – an interactive showcase for the work of Sea Life’s partner charity The Sea Life Trust.

The magical marine world of Brighton Sea Life Centre will introduce you to many beautiful and fascinating creatures of the deep. Prepare for astonishing close-up views of everything from humble starfish to mighty sharks and giant sea turtles, all in displays which carefully recreate their natural habitats.

Coming soon is our brand new attraction Rainforest Adventure - Underneath the rainforest canopy, discover something amazing as you come face to face with one of the world’s largest species of snake. Climb through mangrove roots to join more inhabitants of the rainforest such as deadly piranhas and poisonous dart frogs. This is something that you won’t have seen at SEA LIFE Brighton before so don’t be afraid to explore!

Explore a rich variety of underwater environments, from rugged coastline to tropical coral reefs, from sandy shallows to the dark depths of the ocean. At every step there are incredible marine creatures to watch and learn about so go on, take the plunge and book your Brighton Sea Life Centre ticket today!

Europe's Largest Walk-Through Aquarium
The Sea Life centre in Brighton is still a record-breaker with the world's largest walk-through ocean tunnel. An unforgettable experience, visitors are enveloped in an exotic marine-life world with sharks circling overhead and octopuses, giant turtles, elegant sea-horses and a myriad of other weird and wonderful creatures going about their daily business.

Brighton's Sea Life centre, Lost in Amazonia invites visitors to quite literally get lost! An ingenious mirror-maze with a rainforest theme takes you deep into the heart of the seemingly endless jungle. In the quest for escape, you'll encounter flesh-eating piranhas, beautiful waterfalls, poison dart frogs and shoal upon shoal of exotic tropical fish.

Fascinating, Educational and Fun in One!
The Sea Life centre in Brighton has lots more to offer too, including turtle and shark feeding time, a Submarine Adventure, the crabby Claws exhibition, and a not-to-be-missed opportunity to help feed the stingrays.

  • There is a gift shop and a coffee shop which serves light refreshments at Brighton's Sea Life centre.
  • Children under 3 can explore the wonders of the deep at the Brighton's Sea Life centre completely FREE of charge!

11am/ 4pm - Turtley Amazing at Auditorium/Ocean Tunnel

During this talk you’ll get to meet our biggest and most famous residents, Lulu and Gulliver the Giant Sea Turtles and Jersey the Loggerhead Turtle. You’ll find out all about their histories and what issues their species face in the wild, whilst watching them enjoy their healthy food.

12pm - Breed, Rescue & Protect at Auditorium/Ocean Tunnel - Come learn about our SEA LIFE ambassadors Magnus the Shark, Tyler the Turtle and Mia the Seahorse, and the struggles their species go through. You will learn about the projects SEA LIFE partake in to help rescue these creatures as well as how you can help conserve them yourself.

1pm - OutRAYgeous Rays at Ray Pool
Discover which sea creatures swim in our UK waters. This is also our native rays’ feeding time so you’ll find out about the rays who live with us and how we breed them. What do they eat? How do they breed? Can you tell the different rays apart? You’ll also get to meet some of the other residents - the Dogfish, Turbot and Bream.

1.30pm - Seahorse Kingdom at Kingdom of the Seahorse

Join us in the Kingdom of the Seahorse to learn about these small and mysterious creatures as they enjoy their lunch. What makes them so unique? Find out here!

2pm - Jawsome Sharks at Auditorium/Ocean Tunnel
Fact! The Shark is the most misunderstood predator in the oceans. Find out why, what threatens their existence and what we can do to help them in this Tropical display talk. At feeding time you’ll see the Blacktip Reef Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Nurse Sharks and Zebra Sharks enjoying a fishy lunch.

3pm - Big Fish Bonanza at Big Fish Display

When buying fish some pet owners are not warned about the length some of these fish grow to. Join us at our Big Fish display (36) to be introduced to some of the biggest fish we look after including Pacu, Pangassius and Red Tailed Catfish. You will also learn about our big fish campaign.

Ticket Information

Availability: Open daily year round excluding Christmas Day

Opening Times: 10am - 5pm, with last admission at 4pm.

Address: SEA LIFE Brighton, Marine Parade, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 1TB.

Directions: By car: All main routes into Brighton will take you to the seafront. Follow the brown tourist signs or look for Brighton Pier and we are situated right next door. The nearest parking (but not necessarily the cheapest) is along the seafront, but keep your eye on the meter as the wardens are very strict. The nearest NCP is under the Thistle Hotel, a short walk from our entrance.

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