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Visit WaterWorld Water Park in Ayia Napa  is the largest Waterpark in Europe and has won over twenty five international awards including Travellers' Choice by Trip Advisor.

So far, since opening its doors in 1996, it has attracted over three million guests and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of Cyprus! WaterWorld's theme, based on ancient Greek mythology, and the many facilities it has to offer, ensures a fun-packed day out for children and grow-ups alike.

Spend all day riding the flumes, waterslides and other exciting attractions, or alternatively relax on the Lazy River. The choice is yours. Attractions include:

  • Poseidon’s Wave Pool
  • Apollo’s Plunge
  • Fall of Icarus
  • Drop to Atlantis
  • Boomerango ride
  • The Quest of Hurcules
  • Aeolos Whirlpool
  • Aphrodite's Bath.... and many more!
  • Other activities include a Hygeia Fish Spa and Go Karts - payable locally.

Waterworld is not a multi award winning waterpark by chance. We try hard to provide the best quality services and entertainment to all our guests. And we know that after countless hours of fun you will need to have a break and a snack or a drink. We also work very hard to provide our guests a variety of tastes and choices during their break.

Below you will find a list of what is available in the park:

DIONYSOS TEMPLE RESTAURANT: A self service restaurant this is the main eatery in the park with maximum seating capacity of 350 persons. Dionysos Temple Restaurant caters for all taste from pastries and salads to local specialties all freshly made in the Dionysos Kitchen.

HOMER’S BURGER PALACE: A fast food restaurant with seating for over 200 people. There is a large themed menu for guests to choose from. The kitchens are well ventilated and have all mod-cons.

MINOTAUR’S PIZZA: Located in Minotaurs Labyrinth play area?, this is a cozy pizza outlet with a small seating area. The pizzas served are cooked from frozen with state of the art conveyor belt technology.

SIRENS FISH & CHIPS: Serves the best authentic English style Fish & Chips in Cyprus served from a unique pool side location.

CREPERIE: Serving a delicious, mouth-watering range of sweet and savory crepes, the customers can make a choice from the appetizing variety on offer and watch as they are prepared and cooked right in front of them.

ICE-CREAM: Visitors can enjoy a variety of tasty ice creams, smoothies and delicious donuts.

DROP OF ATLANTIS The only slide of its kind in the world with light, sound and visual effects within the ride. Riding in a three-man bullet, you will be sent speeding down the slide, encountering its various-turns and drops before splashing into the pool below. Not for the light hearted, but an experience that you’ ll just have to repeat over and over again.

THE FALL OF KARUS Get set to push yourselves to the limits down the steep hair-raising slide, then start on your climb towards the sun and see just how high you can reach. But the fun is not over yet. You dive towards earth once again over humps and bumps to finally cool those flames in the pool below. Guaranteed to thrill!

THE QUEST OF HERACLES Get ready to rock as your guest takes you through the mesmerizing snake tubes to fight the Hydra, Heracles ultimate enemy. Two extreme body flumes, makes this a journey of mythology you’ ll never forget… Set on Hydra’s hiding place, you will embark on the most fearsome ride of you r life.

AEOLOS WHIRPOOL Aeolos, the master of the winds, will propel you along a serpentine slide where you will reach the new style global flume, you will be sent spinning on a journey around and around until you finally splash into the pool below. Definitely not to be missed!

KAMIKAZE SLIDES - THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTTING Thunderbolt is placed next to the existing Lightning speed slide with sharp twists and a steep drop. This ride is not for the faint-hearted! The height restriction on this ride is marked at only 1.20 meters so most brave young warriors can usually reach that mark at 6 or 7 years of age! Look out for this spectacular new bright red and yellow ride towering over the park at over 60 feet high Lightning slide is the real adrenalin ride! You will thunder down 75 meters of an almost vertical drop!

CHARIOT CHASE The Chariot Chase was the first multi-slide in any water-park outside the United States. Race on your own or with three other people to see who is the quickest down 70 meters into the Atlantis Activity Pool.

APOLLO'S PLUNGE Apollo, God of the Sun takes you on an exhilarating family raft ride in our custom built Sun Chariots. You travel through 124 meters of twists, turns and drops. But don’t do it alone! Bring along your family and friends to help you brake the final plunge!

PHAETHON'S FLUME The Chariot Chase was the first multi-slide in any water-park outside the United States. Race on your own or with three other people to see who is the quickest down 70 meters into the Atlantis Activity Pool.

SERPENTINE SLIDES Titan, Medusa and Hydra are Serpetines, which take you through 150 meters of twists and turns. Share the experience with a friend on Titan, ride the black hole in Medusa and you ride without a raft on Hydra. These rides are a must!

MINOTAUR'S LABYRINTH - THE BIG WET BUBBLE Waterworld’s latest creation, the Minotaur’s Labyrinth – The Big Wet Bubble complete with new pool and play area for children. Climbers have to brave their way to the top of the spectacular, slippery, wet bubble with the use of a rope, careful not to encounter the fearful Minotaur! Anyone as brave as Theseus can conquer the Minotaur and reach the top! Are you ready for the challenge?

ATLANTIS ACTIVITY POOL Here the rolling logs, the lily pads and long slice walks keep kids of all ages entertained.

TROJAN ADVENTURE Children’ s Trojan Adventure The kids will be pleased to discover “The Trojan Adventure”. The “Trojan Horse” themed children’s interactive play structure was designed to combine imagination with water. Everyone can play together on multi-level platforms, integrated with many games and activities that create various water effects, including a giant tipping bucket that will soak the entire family in a matter of seconds. It’s an attraction that will guarantee 100% fun of the whole family.

PEGASUS POOL This pool is themed with Greek columns, fountains and water spray features. It has zero depth entry. This is ideal for small children where they can play on the wide variety of soft foam small children where they can play on the wide variety of soft foam toys.

POSEIDON'S WAVE POOL Poseidon’s pool is the most exciting pool in the entire Middle East. Equipped with a wave generating system, it keeps the entire family bobbing away in one meter swells. Themed islands, geysers, Greek ruins and Poseidon’s overwhelming presence, make waterworld’ s Poseidon Adventure the most dramatic experience in Cyprus.

DANAIDES WATERWORKS - CHILDREN AREA Danaus fled with his daughters from their home in fear of his twin brother Aegyptos but the daughters were subsequently forced into marriage with the 50 sons of Aegyptos. Tragedy followed and the waterworld show the girls in Hades condemned to an enternal torment of pouring water into bottomless vessels for their crimes.

RIVER ODYSSEY For those who prefer a more relaxing ride, there’s the Lazy River. Riders travel in grand rubber rings on an incredible journey into the adventures encountered by Odysseus. But be aware the Monster of Scilla and Cyclops will “catch your eye”!

ZEPHYR'S BREEZE After Aeolos had trapped all the strong winds in the bag. He left Zephyr a gentle breeze to blow gently and guide the ships of Odysseus home. Unfortunately the crew of Odysseus opened the bag and all the strong winds came rushing out. Don’t be fooled by the gentle start to this ride as it will propel you faster and faster as the winds are released.

  • 1-Day admission ticket into WaterWorld Waterpark Aiya Napa.
  • The Park is open Monday-Sunday 10.00am - 6.00pm.
  • The Park is usually open on various dates between April and October weather permitting.
  • Please check locally for opening times.
  • Child age 3-12.

Proof of ID must be presented when redeeming this voucher.

Please note that the parks reserve the right to change prices / discounts at any given time and due to routine maintenance to close attractions for a period of time. In any case notification of such events will be communicated at the ticket office.

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